All Hail The Black Girl!

Don’t be afraid to be you.  Live life with the full bravado of a principal ballerina!  Don’t step lightly, step loudly and boldly.   Timid and apprehension has no lease in your life.  Live every moment in the crescendo of your own musical performance.

Take risks and jump off the edge of your creativity and imagination.  Scribble outside the lines.  Jump in the largest rain puddles you can find and freely make angel arms in fields of dandelions and tulips.  Smile for no reason and laugh out loud as boisterous as possible.  Let your voice be heard through a thunderous roar of jubilation.

Dance like the world is your stage and the birds sing in harmony just for you.  Walk confidently, with your head touching the tips of the very clouds that forms smiles in the sky at your arrival.  Skip and gallop through the streets as if your name was embedded in gold upon its rough asphalt.

Sing out of tune and walk to the beat of your own drum.  Be nonapologetically you!  For you are a beautiful, Black girl and you are different by design!


-Mommy and Zoe