Are You Ready For Girlpreneur ?

Do you know a girl between the ages of 8-13 years old?  Are these girls interested in being a young entrepreneur?  Are these girls motivated?  If you answered yes to these questions, then the Zoe’s Dolls Girlpreneur Program might be a fit for them.

Girlpreneur is a pilot program that Zoe’s Dolls will be debuting January 2016. The program will accept 15 girls between the ages of 8-13 that have an interest in owning their own business. Girlpreneur will work with these girls for six months, using a kid based business curriculum designed to give these girls the foundation to starting their own business. During the program girls will learn how to formulate their business idea, develop a business plan, incorporate their business and design marketing plans. The girls will also be paired with business owners, whom will serve as mentors. At the end of the program, each girl will have incorporated and started their business.  Each girl will also receive $500 towards the development of her business.


Business Mentor Karen Matamoros of Enchanting Creations

Karen is the owner of Enchanting Creations located in Miami Shores Village.  Enchanting Creations is a warm and inviting, boutique, storefront, bakery filled with savory treats that both the heart and stomach desires!   Since opening their doors in 2009, Enchanting Creations has been tantalizing the taste buds of kids of all ages (from 1 years old to 100).

From her 3D, lifelike cakes bursting with creativity and flavor to her talk of the town cupcakes, that melt in your mouth, Karen is the “it” girl when it comes to baking.  We only wanted the best mentors for the Girlpreneur program and that is exactly what we got.

Enchanting Creations’ cakes have been featured on the popular TV show Four Weddings, countless news features and the talk of numerous blogs. From the flavorful, uniquely designed pastries to the out of the box creations that Karen, magically makes happen, has celebrities and businesses across the globe seeking out her services.  Enchanting Creations is definitely one of South Florida’s premiere bakeries.

Girlpreneur is so lucky to have Karen as one of the business mentors. So if you know a girl that likes to make sweet treats and has an interest in owing her own business, send us an email at  They could be selected to participate in this pilot program and have the opportunity to be mentored by Karen of Enchanting Creations.

Where To Find Enchanting Creations:
210 NE 98th Street
Miami Shores, FL 33138

Mommy & Zoe