Love Letters to Black Girls

Zoe’s Dolls believes that the Black girl is powerful, beautiful and courageous. The Black girl can accomplish anything, be anything and impact the world! We are so excited at the Dollhouse about our new initiative: Love Letters to Black Girls. 

This initiative will inspire, encourage and empower Black girls through the gift of words from some of the community’s most prominent women and men. Black girls will receive love letters; that move them to be great, remind them of both their inner and outward beauty and inspire them to press forward with perseverance.

These love letters will offer words of wisdom and nuggets of encouragement. The letters will be designed to give voice to the Black girl, provoke hope and promote change!


We are looking for women and men to pen letters and poems to little Black girls. These written works should be original, thought provoking, inspiring, encouraging and motivational. These letters can be of any length and any style of writing.

Remember to add personal touches and share personal stories that you feel will empower these young girls. If you are so inclined, share your personal obstacles and how you have overcome them. If you have struggled with your image or body type please share how you have persevered. The key is to connect with these young girls.


Should you choose to accept this mission here is what you will need to do:

  • Fill out the waiver release to use your original work.
  • Submit your original work to
  • Please submit a short bio.
  • Please indicate if you will be available to personally deliver letters.
  • All the above information should be submitted to

A complete information package can be downloaded here