Support Those That Honor Us!


When you decide to take on a mission or something that you are passionate about, you don’t do it for glory or recognition.  You do it because you see the need.  You do it because you love it!  You do it because you feel you have been called to do it.

However, when someone acknowledges the work you do, it makes you feel good.  More and more now the images of Black faces are being betrayed in a negative light.  The mainstream media is quick to glorify and highlight the negative in our community.  However when it comes to shedding light on the positive strides people are making in our community, those stories are far and few between.

That is why today’s blog is about supporting those that honor us!   In that spirit we would like you to support the Rhythm and Vibe Entertainment Fight of My Life Charity Soiree!

The Fight of My Life Charity Soiree, taking place August 15th is designed as an annual benefit event that will recognize five women community contributors, exhibit local and celebrity talent and this year will host as a kickoff celebration for Girl Power Rocks 15th Anniversary.

The Fight of My Life Charity Soiree will celebrate the achievements of women who have overcome struggles and obstacles.  I am so excited to be among one of the five women being honored. Please come out and support this awesome event. 

Of course my mommy is going all out, having me a dress designed and made especially for this event.  It is going to be a night of honor, fun and good time!  Come out and support!



-Zoe and Mommy