Thank You To A True Living Doll

Doll Talk thought we would spend this week recognizing individuals that have worked quietly behind the scenes to move forward the mission and vision of Zoe’s Dolls.  This project started out as a simple dream of one, five year old little girl.  Her wish was to give out little brown dolls to little brown girls in need.   That was four years ago.  So many people bought into her dream and did everything they could to make it a reality!  One such person was Mrs. Vernita Alexander Nelson.

Mrs. Nelson  goes far beyond any of our expectations when supporting Zoe’s Dolls.  I can’t count the number of times throughout the year we would get a call from Mrs. Alexander, saying, “hey I got some dolls for Zoe’s Dolls.”  There was always a vivid story on where she picked up the dolls.  She would be on vacation and would pick up dolls.  She would be at a conference and pick up dolls.  She would just be out and about and pick up dolls.

If she was somewhere, that Black dolls were being sold, you can believe she was picking them up for Zoe’s Dolls.  She never wants any recognition or praise.   She simply wants to do her part.   We want you to know that Zoe’s Dolls appreciates you and we are so grateful for your support!  You have truly been an ambassador for Zoe’s Dolls.

Help us give a big doll applause to Mrs. Vernita Alexander Nelson!


You Rock!

-Mommy & Zoe