Welcome To Doll Talk

Welcome to Doll Talk.  This is our first ever blog post.  We are so exited about this site.  What can you expect—everything about our lives as Black girls.  We are powerful, we are beautiful and we are different by design.

Now keep in mind I am 8 years old so I will need help from my mommy writing some of these blogs, but don’t worry she is a Black mommy that ROCKS!  You will find all kinds of things in this blog.  We will talk about things that empower Black girls, fashion, events with impact and everything that is happening with Zoe’s Dolls!

Here’s a teaser—In my upcoming blog I will be talking about the start of Doll Season and the big kick-off we will be having in October.  I will also be taking about a new program we will be rolling out called Girlpreneur!   Oh yeah, I can’t wait.

So be sure to check me out everyday!