My Image Is Beautiful!

Hello Dolls,

Imagine this:  A mocha skinned toned girl, full lips, brown beaming eyes framed by bushy black eyebrows, plump high cheek bones, with an angelic round face.  Her features are bold yet beautiful; familiar yet unexplored.   The top of her dome is covered with with a mixture of thick, luscious, kinky curls forming the glorious shape of an Afro fit for a queen.

Her beauty is never ending.  She is draped in fabric representing the pure essence and sweetness of Africa.  Standing tall and powerful in her full length A line dress, she is a force to be reckoned with!

Now imagine a little black girl walking into a retail store, picking that beautiful doll up off the self and being able to see herself in that doll.  Imagine her recognizing that her image is beautiful and powerful.  We at Zoe’s Dolls believe that is exactly what every little Black girl should be able to experience.

This upcoming Doll season is going to be Dolltastic.  We will be kicking off Doll season in October in a very big way.  We will be bringing our doll vision to life, with the Living Doll Experience.  All we can say is stay tuned for exciting updates on the kick off of doll Season in October!

We can’t wait for you to see what we have in store!  Until tomorrow Dolls!


-Zoe & Mommy