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OMG!  We are coming off a doll cloud after the successful Living Doll Experience Event.  The Dolls are still loving every moment of it!  We are now venturing into our next events.  The Girlpreneur Applications are up on the website.  The Loving The Skin I’m In Creative Expressions Contest Applications are also up on the website.  Please be sure to invite a girl to apply to both of these opportunities.

We need your help here at Zoe’s Dolls.  Social Media plays a vital tool in how we get the word out about the great work Zoe’s Dolls is doing.  While we are strong in a lot of ares, we are weak when it comes to our Social Media outreach.  We are asking you to please help us get stronger.

We are aggressively applying for funding and more often than not, funders are looking to see how strong your social media presence is.  While Zoe’s Dolls has tremendous support from the community we would love to increase our outreach visibility on social media. 

Please like our FB page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.   We also need you to like and follow our parent organization that makes all of this possible—What Next Global, Inc.  You will find the links below.  We would like to have 1,000 followers and likes by the end of the month.  I know, it’s ambitious but I know that we can do it!  Thank you for all of your support!

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Thank you so much for your continued support!

-Zoe’s Dolls Team