The Girl Fit Experience Was Magical!


The sun shined brightly the morning of July 23 over the massive greenery of the Rolling Oaks Parks in Miami Gardens.  In one corner of the park stood a 28 feet tall rock-climbing wall.  Another section of the park bore 10 oversized human hamster balls eagerly awaiting enthusiastic participants.   From the bike obstacle course to the hula-hoop station to the sack race obstacle course, the scene was set for the first Zoe’s Dolls Girl Fit Experience.

The Zoe’s Dolls Girl Fit Experience (GFE) is a day of fitness designed by girls for girls. GFE is the brainchild of 9 year-old Zoe Terry, the CEO of Zoe’s Dolls.   GFE is a day of fun, interactive activities that encourages girls particularly Girls of color to be engaged in physical activity and begin to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The first GFE sponsored by The City of Miami Gardens’ Councilman Rodney Harris and Vice Mayor Felicia Robinson bought together approximately 80 girls from the community.  The day started with a robust warm-up by Next Generation Dance Owner Soraya Audain.   After the warm-up the girls split up in different groups and began the challenge of taking on the various obstacle courses.

Every inch of the park featured girls rolling around in oversized bubble balls desperately trying to keep their balance while simultaneously trying to avoid colliding with each other while kicking a soccer ball.  You could see girls aggressively paddling, the pedals of the bicycle, weaving in and out of cones on the bike obstacle course.   Bright colored hoops engulfed the hips, arms and necks of little girls as they used their body power to wield the circular motion of the oversized circles in the hula-hoop challenge.  Gigantic potato sacks snuggled the girls as they raced to reach the finish line without falling down in the sack race obstacle course.   Girls looked like experienced climbers as the scaled the sides of the 28 feet rock-climbing wall.

Vendors like Live Healthy Miami Gardens and Flipany had interactive booths such as hop scotch and a gourmet watermelon pizza making station.  In order for a girl to receive goodies from one of the vendors they had to participate in the interactive activity.

Then the day really got fired up when the team from the PE-X Games came through and hyped the energy up to the tenth power.  The P.E. X-Games offered “Xtra-ordinary” Physical Education activities with a twist of cultural learning.  The games featured Korfball, which is similar to basketball, yet it is played on sitting scooters that require you to make a shot in five seconds.   The girls played Japanese soccer, which was played on roller racers and with a 36-inch soccer ball, just to name a few.

Girls got to participate in making healthy snacks and were treated to a healthy breakfast and snacks throughout the day.   The day ended with dancing and yoga in the rain—yes the rain did not stop us.

The goal of the Zoe’s Dolls GFE program is to bring accessible, free, fun, interactive and innovative physical activities in different under-served communities throughout Miami-Dade County.

For more information on the Girl Fit Experience or Zoe’s Dolls or  if you would like for the Girl Fit Experience to come to your community or organization, please call us at 754.300.7964 or email us here.