Spartacus News, October 2021

Spartacus Newspaper features Zoe. This article was published October, 2021.

Zoe Terry is changing the world

Zoe Terry is a name you won’t forget. At 16 years old, she is a MCD student who is changing the community and world around her, and started Zoe’s Dolls at just five years old. “I was bullied because of the color of my skin and because my hair was so puffy,” Zoe said.

Bullying angered her, but her mom encouraged her to channel this anger into bettering society so that other black girls didn’t feel this way.Zoe Terry in Spartacus News At 11 years old, Zoe officially started Zoe’s Dolls as a non-profit organization in Miami to help help spread awareness and love to girls of color. Zoe’s mission is to let girls of color know that their image is beautiful and to bring awareness to this beauty no matter what anyone else says.

This idea has now turned into a successful major non-profit organization in Miami. The organization has done a great job at completing their mission because Zoe’s Dolls has stated that as of October 2021, they have given away 35,501.
Zoe’s Dolls brings awareness is by giving out black dolls to black girls who would have otherwise not been able to afford them.

In an exclusive interview with The Spartacus, Zoe said that “Zoe’s Dolls has impacted many girls and helped them gain back their confidence and self love.”

A member from Zoe’s Dolls club, Kaliyah Morales 24’, stated that, “Zoe’s dolls has collected and donated for years to give out to people in the community.” She also mentioned that they, “ did a community event not too long ago and went to a nearby school to host a field day as well as repainting parts of the school.”

Zoe proves that overcoming the challenges of getting bullied, can turn into something positive. Not only has Zoe inspired students at Miami Country Day, but girls of color across the globe are given a message of love and positivity, rather than hate and negativity.

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