NowThis News, April 2018

So this happened! NowThis News did a story and a video featuring Zoe!


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11-Year-Old Zoe Terry Starts Doll Company To Empower Brown Girls

11-year-old Zoe Terry has given away 20,000 Brown dolls to make little Brown girls feel special and represented.

Zoe started her doll company at age 5 after she was bullied in kindergarten.

“My hair was different. It was puffy. And my skin was very dark from everybody in my class. They would pick on me, and it would make me feel very sad,” the Zoe’s Dolls founder and CEO explained. “But I did something about it.”

Zoe said she wanted Brown girls to feel beautiful so she started her nonprofit, which collects and donates dolls to give to girls of color in need. Zoe’s Dolls is now a franchise that’s given away approximately 20,000 dolls to more than 10,000 girls in 4 U.S. states, Haiti, and Africa. She was recently the youngest recipient of Nickelodeon’s Helping and Leading Other (HOLA) award, for being a role model and for empowering girls to feel beautiful.

The award granted her $30,000 for more dolls and a trademark. Zoe’s Dolls also has girl empowerment programs and contests to encourage girls of color to embrace their beauty.

“Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people lives,” she explained.

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Now This News featuring Zoe Terry