Salute To A Super Doll: City of Miami Gardens Vice-Mayor Felicia Robinson

We just love this doll! It’s official-The City of Miami Gardens Vice Mayor Felicia Robinson has signed on to sponsor the kick off of doll season “The Living Doll Experience!” event.  The event will take place October 25, 2015 at The Betty T. Ferguson Center in Miami Gardens.  We are so excited to have her … Read more

All Hail The Black Girl!

Don’t be afraid to be you.  Live life with the full bravado of a principal ballerina!  Don’t step lightly, step loudly and boldly.   Timid and apprehension has no lease in your life.  Live every moment in the crescendo of your own musical performance. Take risks and jump off the edge of your creativity and imagination.  … Read more

Support Those That Honor Us!

Hello! When you decide to take on a mission or something that you are passionate about, you don’t do it for glory or recognition.  You do it because you see the need.  You do it because you love it!  You do it because you feel you have been called to do it. However, when someone … Read more

Don’t Call Me Bossy!

I really do not like it when people call me bossy.  My mommy says I’m not bossy, I’m a leader.  When I see something wrong, I jump in to fix it.  I don’t wait for people to tell me what to do, I see what needs to be done and I do it. Yeah, I … Read more

Loving Yourself!

Hey girls!  What’s up?  It’s Zoe.  Today’s post is why you should love being you! The reason you should love yourself is because you are unique in every way!  You should love being a brown girl, a black girl!  No matter what anyone else says! You are beautiful so love yourself! XOXO BY: Zoe Terry

Celebrating Ms. Abigail Anderson

We love Black girls that are making moves and making short movies.  One such Black girl is Ms. Abigail.   Ms. Abigail was the first place winner in The First Annual Zoe’s Dolls Loving The Skin I’m In Creative Expression Contest. Her short video was powerful, beautiful and represented the true essence of Black girls.   Please … Read more

The Confidence To Be You

The journey to truly loving and accepting yourself can be a road filled with bumps, pits and potholes.  The quest to accept you for whom you really are can often be made harder by the people that love you the most.  Let me make the picture clear. Take my Zoe.  She’s a natural head girl.  … Read more

My Image Is Beautiful!

Hello Dolls, Imagine this:  A mocha skinned toned girl, full lips, brown beaming eyes framed by bushy black eyebrows, plump high cheek bones, with an angelic round face.  Her features are bold yet beautiful; familiar yet unexplored.   The top of her dome is covered with with a mixture of thick, luscious, kinky curls forming the … Read more

White House Youth Film Festival Submission, January 2015

Spreading Joy One Doll at a Time Published on Jan 30, 2015 Third grader Zoe Terry started Zoe’s Dolls when she was just six years old, convinced that “little brown girls in need would be happy with their own little brown dolls.” Her non-profit organization has grown and even has a partnership now with Toys … Read more

Miami Herald Local News, December 2014

Zoe’s Dolls was featured on the front of the Local section, above the fold of The Miami Herald Newspaper. Direct link to the article is here. Zoe’s Dolls Delivers Toys and Smiles to Toddlers Laughter and squeals of excitement filled a day care center in Miami Gardens on Monday after another successful donation of baby … Read more

Welcome To Doll Talk

Welcome to Doll Talk.  This is our first ever blog post.  We are so exited about this site.  What can you expect—everything about our lives as Black girls.  We are powerful, we are beautiful and we are different by design. Now keep in mind I am 8 years old so I will need help from … Read more