Ashli “TheGoldieshow” Cleary Signs on to Host The Living Doll Experience

The dolls are simply jumping out of their boxes! We are so excited at the Doll Headquarters to have the one and only Ashli “TheGoldieshow” Cleary as our host of The Living Doll Experience!

Ashli is such an inspiration and will bring to the Doll change a momentum that will only be matched by the crowd’s enthusiasm.  Be prepared to get motivated, be inspired and get all dolled up at The Living Doll Experience, October 25th from 2 pm-6 pm at the Betty T. Ferguson Amphitheater.

Everybody’s path has three things in common: a beginning, middle, and the end. But what is experienced in this path is what makes us unique individuals. The path that Ashli Cleary, or Goldie as some of friends called her began in the late 80’s in the city of Morristown, NJ.

Ashli was the first of three born to a single mother, with whom she witnessed first hand how impoverishment can impact a young family. Starting in NJ, Ashli loved school and was constantly awarded for all her academic achievements, her mom truly felt like she had a star in the making. In the midst of abuse and danger, Ashli’s mother had to make the rash decision to move her family to South Florida when she was just 13 years old. It took a bit for Ashli to fit in, but once she did, she began establishing life long friendships.

In high school, Ashli joined the high school marching band dance team and the whole experience opened her up to view Art in a different form. As quickly as that door opened, she had to put life on pause for the birth of her daughter, Kadence (8)and then the births of her son’s Kristian (7) and Kai (6). Life as a teenage mom was not easy. Over the last couple years Ashli had to overcome all the challenges life brought forth.

With the abuse and absence of her children’s father, coupled with an unsteady home life, she faced loneliness, homelessness, hunger and financial hardships. Throughout it all Ashli still managed to explore her love of music, dance and more recently art, acting and public speaking.

She is now in a better place with 3 amazing children. She continues to teach her kids about expressing their talents, giving to those less fortunate and volunteering. On her free time Ashli models for boutiques and has been featured in a few music videos.

She debuted her acting skills in the popular South Florida on stage drama, “When Good Men Are Tempted” and more recently she began hosting different events for music, spoken word, women’s empowerment group and domestic violence awareness campaigns. Ashli hopes to continue to expand her brand by continuing to tackle life one obstacle at a time.

-Mommy & Zoe